MSE 308

MSE 308 – Materials Laboratory II  (Spring Semester)

For class schedules and times, please see the course catalog here.

Currently taught by Dr. Jessica TerBush (Lecturer, MatSE)

MSE 308 also consists of six different experiments:  Heat Diffusion, Polymer Crystallization, Mechanical Properties, Photoelectric Energy Conversion, Viscosity, and Creep.  Each of these experiments builds on concepts the students have covered in their intro Materials Science and Engineering courses, and builds on techniques and equipment used in MSE 307. As in MSE 307, students rotate through each of the six experiments, spending two weeks working on each one, for a total of about six hours per experiment. They have an additional week to write their report once the experiment is completed.  A sample syllabus can be seen here: Syllabus – MSE 308.